Animal House Veterinary Hospital strives to provide the latest in medical treatment for your pet. We are proud to offer pet stem cell therapy, a technologically advanced treatment for dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis and joint, or tendon disease.

How Does Pet Stem Cell Therapy Work?

This procedure requires the collection of fat cells from your own pet. The cells are spun in a centrifuge to allow for the gathering of the most beneficial regenerative stem cells. The stem cells are placed into the affect joint or tendon, where they regenerate into new tissue. This procedure has demonstrated success in the control of pain and improved joint function in dogs and cats.

What You Can Expect at Your Pet’s Stem Cell Therapy Visit?

Our veterinary team takes every precaution to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. This surgical procedure requires anesthesia for the comfort of your pet. To ensure the safety of your pet, all of our surgical procedures include:

  • Physical exam
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  • Digital X-rays or ultrasound
  • Pain management for your pet before and during surgery, and in recovery
  • Monitoring and care of your pet during surgery and recovery

When your pet is ready to be discharged from the hospital, we will answer any of your questions, and provide you with post-operative care instructions.

Please contact us to schedule a pet stem cell therapy appointment, or to discuss if this treatment option is right for your pet. We look forward to hearing from you.