Dog Dental Cleaning: Before & After

Animal House Veterinary Hospital offers dog and cat dental services. Your pet’s teeth are an important part of his or her overall health, and we recommend annual oral examinations as part of your pet’s wellness care routine. In some cases, untreated dental disease can lead to other serious pet health conditions such as heart disease and kidney disease.

Your Pet Dental Cleaning Visit

If a professional pet dental cleaning is recommended based on the oral examination, this one-day service can be performed by our skilled veterinary staff.

Your pet’s safety and comfort are important to us. All pet dental cleanings are performed under anesthesia in accordance with AAHA standards, to ensure a thorough cleaning and exam, as well as to minimize any discomfort your pet may experience. Our skilled veterinary staff performs a series of health checks, which include blood work and a physical exam prior to anesthesia, as well as X-rays, which are performed during the dental procedure.

During the cleaning, the tartar and buildup will be removed and any necessary tooth extractions will be performed. Our caring staff will monitor your pet throughout the procedure and recovery. We will keep you informed of his or her progress, and will let you know when your pet is ready to go home.

At-Home Pet Dentistry Tips

We are happy to discuss and demonstrate dog or cat teeth cleaning techniques that you can perform at home. Regular brushing between dental visits is important to keep your pet healthy. We also can recommend specialized dental treats and pet food that can assist you with maintaining your pet’s oral health.

Signs of Pet Dental Problems

Dental trauma can occur at any time. Please call us if you suspect your pet has experienced a dental trauma or if you notice any of the early signs of dental disease such as:

  • Bad breath
  • Being “mouth shy” when handled
  • Spreading kibble around when eating
  • Visible brown or yellow buildup on the teeth

Please contact us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to answering any questions or concerns you have about the dental cleaning procedure.