Animal House Veterinary Hospital is owned by Dr. Richard Hoekstra, who has more than 25 years of experience in veterinary medicine and practice management. He is committed to offering quality veterinary care and a large range of services, from routine vaccinations to laser therapy to ultrasound imaging.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our AAHA accreditation. The American Animal Hospital Association is a voluntary association that sets the highest standards of diagnostic capabilities and care in veterinary medicine. Accredited hospitals have shown a dedication to practicing high-quality medicine, which is assured by regular inspections from AAHA officials and the constantly updated standards that AAHA sets. For more information, visit AAHA’s site, (AAHA’s site for pet owners), or ask any of the staff at your next visit.

What Is AAHA?

AAHA stands for the American Animal Hospital Association, and accreditation from AAHA indicates that a hospital and the staff and doctors that work there are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of care for your pets. AAHA constantly updates the standards that must be met for accreditation, assuring both you and us that we are practicing the best medicine available. They look at everything from diagnostic abilities such as radiology (X-rays) and ultrasound to surgical capabilities and monitoring.

For more information, contact us at any time.